Modernist embroideries by Marian Stoll

Three Modernist Embroideries by Marian Stoll. As a well known lover of the art of textiles, I am pleased to share these three embroideries from my personal collection. As happens to me time and again, I first encountered Marian Stoll’s work when I found and purchased an extraordinary embroidered firescreen in a junk shop in […]

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Textiles As Art (Auction 23rd February 2017)

Textiles have been a 50 year passion for Paul Reeves, starting when he was a young and influential clothes designer in the 1960s. The upcoming auction is his determined aim to establish Textile Art rightly alongside the Decorative & Fine Arts. All the pieces will be presented in a manner which makes them eminently usable […]

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A Textile Affair (Re: Auction 23rd February 2017)

I love textiles, their feel and colour, their mood enhancing and aesthetic properties. The importance of textiles to human beings is nearly as old as Homo Sapiens itself. Once the art of weaving had been discovered it was only a matter of time before the introduction of art into weaving. Before long, embellishments such as embroidery, painting and printing […]

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